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No headache managing corporate data.

Get a quote to switch from a spreadsheet's mess 
to a single source of truth and easy-to-use analytics.

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Our Story

We're a group of tech savvies with hands-on experience building tens of DataWarehouses for small and medium businesses.

Our Vision

Corporate data management should not take extra effort, costs or headaches for our clients. We're solving their problems through Data Warehouse implementation.


For us, technology always comes after business needs. We use DataStudio, BigQuery, and GCP data capabilities most often. Feel free to consult.

Who are we

How it works


It is not one-size-fits-all. Our Business Analyst will clarify your functional and non-functional requirements to identify your needs and pains, creating technical documentation and schemas.

Extremely cost-effective

The average cost of infrastructure is ~$100 for a typical 500-employee service b2b company due to DW design tricks and use of cloud-native architecture.


The Architect draws architecture and describes solutions tailored to your needs. We also will transparently explain alternative options - maybe you don’t need specifically Data Warehouse?

Analytics & BI

Our analysts will help you to migrate your existing dashboards. You can count on us if you need extra insights to visualize cross-functional KPIs such as "Cost of Hire" or "Cost of Lead Acquisition".  We can also train you or your personnel on how to use professional tools.


Solution and its architecture will include ETL data pipelines to collect data from your Data Sources, the Data Lake, and the Data Warehouse, as well as all integrations you require to synchronize Data Warehouse with your and 3-rd party systems.


All your existing historical data will be migrated to the new Data Warehouse. We set up a backup procedure and can assist you with data cleanup automation if required.


Suppose your employees are using Excel or Google Spreadsheets to enter data in their daily operations. We help you with the development of simple, convenient, and cost-effective User Interfaces, so their morale suffered working with Spreadsheets will be restored.

How it works

Our clients say

"It was simpler than we thought"

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